A Winnipeg educational assistant is speaking out about her recent conviction.

Sheryl Dyck was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.  An accusation she has denied from the beginning, and denies to this day. "It feels like I'm in the Twilight Zone some days," said Dyck.  "It's a nightmare."

One that began with her arrest in 2015.  At the time, she was working as an educational assistant at Elmwood High School.  She was charged with sexual exploitation of a student at the school.  At trial, court heard the relationship began as professional in nature.  But shortly after, it began to change.  The complainant alleged Dyck supplied him with drugs and alcohol, and testified they later had sexual encounters.  "We've looked into everything," said Dyck.  "There's no evidence of any of this!  I don't understand where the justice has gone wrong."

At trial Dyck testified "I think they're ruthless people…. I had authority.  And I had to tell him what to do.  He got angry, he didn't like that."

But in his ruling, Justice Richard Saull told the court "this is simply inconsistent with the evidence before me.  Given the context, I have significant concern about the accused's evidence."  Saull then spoke about the witnesses who testified against Dyck saying "none of them had a reason to lie, and engage in what I suggest would have to have been a diabolical plan to set up the accused."

And he found her guilty.

"There are no resources to help us falsely accused victims," said Dyck's daughter Chantel Lorteau.  "We are stuck in this hellish nightmare."

"I've said I'm innocent from day one, and till the day i day I'll go on saying I'm innocent."

Dyck says she hopes to appeal her conviction.  She will be sentenced in January.