CTV News at Work

CTV News at Work


CTV News@Work is a computer widget that runs on your Windows desktop or laptop, giving you immediate access to the latest news from CTV Winnipeg.

Completely free, just install it and it sits in the corner of your monitor, keeping you informed as news breaks.

To install CTV News@Work to your Windows computer, download and run the installer. The installation process is quick and easy; just follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to go in seconds.


What is CTV News@Work?
Installed on a Windows desktop or laptop, CTV News@Work shows current headlines and temperature from CTV Winnipeg.

How does it work?
The CTV News@Work application requires you to be connected to the Internet to update its information. Every time a new story is posted on the CTV Winnipeg website, CTV News@Work displays it dynamically on your computer thanks to its dynamic RSS news reader.

Does it collect any of my information? Will it install spyware or adware on my computer?
The News@Work application is not spyware or adware, and does not retain nor send any personal information nor collect any data about you.

How do I move it from the middle of my screen?
You can click on the grey bar surrounding the application, the grey box behind the news updates, or the "Headlines@CTVWinnipeg.ca CTV News" banner and drag it to where you'd like to locate it on your screen.

How do I hide the CTV News@Work application?
If you click on the CTV icon in the bottom right toolbar of your window, it will hide the application. Click on the icon again to show it.

What is RSS?
RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. The news headlines that constantly update on CTV News@Work rely on a news feed, delivered by the CTV Winnipeg website.

I've tried to install it on my computer at work, but it doesn't seem to be working - what should I do?
While you will probably be able to download the CTV News@Work file, and go through the simple steps to install it, you may not be able to launch the program.
On some work computers, for security reasons, you may not have administrator privileges that allow you to properly install programs.
If you wish to install CTV News@Work on your computer at work and run into any issues, we encourage you to send the link to this page to your IT Department so they can understand what the program is all about.
IT Managers/System Administrators: If you have any questions, or concerns, don't hesitate to email ctvnewsatworkwpg@ctv.ca.

Is CTV News@Work Mac-compatible?
At this time, CTV News@Work will only work on a computer running Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

Hints and Tips

Once you install CTV News@Work, it will start each morning when you turn on your computer.

After installing CTV News@Work on your computer, you can position and reposition it around your screen by clicking, holding and dragging the grey border along the outside of the program.

Every headline that is displayed on CTV News@Work will link directly to the CTV Winnipeg website if you click it. The program will open your default Internet browser and go directly to that story.

Clicking on the temperature will take you directly to the Skywatch Weather page on the CTV Winnipeg website. The program will open up your default Internet browser.

Headlines and the temperature will update on CTV News at Work throughout the day (you may not even notice it updating while you work).

Download CTV News@Work
to get the latest news on your desktop.