It’s been a busy week for firefighters in the region around Pauingassi First Nation, a fly-in community in east-central Manitoba.

Five teens have been charged in connection with two unrelated fires believed to be arsons, RCMP said Thursday, while provincial crews battle a 44-hectare forest fire near Pauingassi.

On Tuesday at around 4 p.m. the Mounties were called to a fire that broke out near the school in Pauingassi. The province said fire crews working on the wildfire had to shift gears to help but were quickly able to bring it under control.

Investigators believe the fire was an arson and charged three girls, ages 12, 12 and 15.

Then on Wednesday provincial fire crews were called in to assist local firefighters with a fire in a neighbouring community, Little Grand Rapids.

RCMP said it started behind the community’s band office before spreading and have charged a 12-year old male and 14-year-old female with arson in connection with the blaze.

Both fires are under investigation by RCMP and Manitoba Sustainable Development.

As for the forest fire, the province said six fire crews and a helicopter with bucket are assigned, and weather will play a role in keeping it under control as there are hot, dry and windy conditions in the forecast.

A spokesperson said crews will monitor closely to keep the community protected.