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Goldeyes public address announcer celebrates more than 30 seasons behind the microphone


Another season at Blue Cross Park is in full swing for the Winnipeg Goldeyes. As the Fish step on to the field, fans are greeted by the voice that has welcomed thousands to the ballpark since the team’s inaugural season – more than 30 years ago.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let’s really hear it for your 2024 Winnipeg Goldeyes!” public address announcer Ron Arnst says with enthusiasm.

From 1977 to 1988, Arnst was the play-by-play announcer for the Manitoba Senior Baseball League in the Westman area at CKLQ radio in Brandon.

His knowledge of the game and voice led to connections with John Hindle, the very first general manager of the Winnipeg Goldeyes in 1994.

Arnst said Hindle spotted him sitting as a fan in the old Winnipeg Stadium that year and offered him a job and a microphone that would change his life.

“He said, ‘Want to do it again?’ I said 'Sure,'” Arnst said.

“He said, 'Well, meet me tomorrow up here at 6:00 in the press box and away you go.' So I met him there at 6:00 and he said you sit here, and as I like to tell people I sat down and I haven't gotten up.”

Many coworkers have worked alongside Arnst in the press box since 1994, including the current Goldeyes GM Andrew Collier.

'He’s been the one constant throughout the years, good teams, bad teams'

When the Fish return for home games each season, Arnst’s colleagues and fans always look forward to that opening welcome to the ballpark.

“He’s been the one constant throughout the years, good teams, bad teams,” Collier said.

“When they come back to the ballpark in May each year, it’s so nice to hear that familiar voice. Continuity is really important when it comes to minor league sports in general. You work so many hours in the summer, you're together a lot. We've got a great group here and we have for many years.”

Hank Lemoine has officiated as a local umpire for more than a decade in the American Association travelling across the Midwest to many of the Goldeyes current and former opponents in the league.

He’s known Arnst for a quarter of a century now and enjoys the rapport they share on and off the baseball diamond.

“He certainly lets me know whether I’ve had a good day back there behind the plate,” Lemoine said as he laughed.

“I always ask him his opinion because he’s been up there for a long time. So long as I’m here. Ron’s going to be here, and we’ll be able to the stuff we do for this game and here for the City of Winnipeg and that’s what counts the most.”

Both Lemoine and Arnst have worked together for the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame. A few years ago, Lemoine recruited Arnst as an interviewer when Manitobans were announced as the next inductees.

'There was no other person that has that voice to do that interview'

“We couldn't find somebody with the right voice and low and behold, it had to be Ron,” Lemoine said.

“There was no other person that has that voice to do that interview.”

Arnst was inducted into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022.

After addressing more than 1,000 home games over his 30-plus year tenure, what keeps Arnst announcing after all these years?

“I guess it's my own drive, I guess it's my own desire to do things correctly,” Arnst said.

“I'll give you a very small example, and I take this stuff very seriously. We have a Latino player, Roby Enriquez, and I say the name specifically that way because we have a young lady from Colombia working in the press box with us.”

A combination of witnessing the Goldeyes win multiple American Association championships and playoff games continues to feed his passion behind the microphone.

“The thing that I've always liked about baseball are the stories, the yarns, you know, from the old-timers in the major leagues right on through to our own,” Arnst said.

“Now, we've got 30 years of history here, and there are plenty of stories about games and players and people and that sort of thing. The stories are all about the people, and it's the people interaction and what people do in situations and it’s great fun.”

At the time of publication, the Winnipeg Goldeyes are 12-13 through 25 games and are coming off of a walk off 4-3 victory at home over the Kane County Cougars.

Arnst said he has encouraging expectations for the remainder of the season and is hopeful the team can reach the playoffs if the bats can match the early pitching strengths on the team.

“Logan Watkins, our manager has said publicly several times that this club will go as far as the pitching can carry it, and I agree completely,” Arnst said.

“Max Murphy's probably the only legitimate home run hitter. There are other guys who can get it out every now and then, but Murphy is the big power threat. So when you're lacking that consistent home run power through the middle of the lineup, you have to make up for it in other ways. This ball club will come around and they will. They've got the talent.”

Like Collier, Arnst said it’s a special honour to work with many of the same staff for an extensive period of time and continue to bring a smile to many fans in the stands.

“There's a couple of, my pals in the press box who I've worked with for three decades and we know each other like brothers,” Arnst said.

“I love it when the people react to what's going on the field. I've been doing, for instance the dirtiest car promotion at the ballpark. Every time I announce that you've got the dirtiest car in the parking lot, they laugh and I love it. That's what this is all about. That's why I come here.” Top Stories

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