Christmas is just days away, but a Grinch ruined Christmas for a grandmother visiting Winnipeg Sunday.

Anna Harper was in the city from Wasagamack for a workshop and while in town she spent the week carefully selecting gifts for her children and grandchildren.

When she was checking out of the hotel she left her belongings in the lobby of her hotel to see if her son had arrived to pick her up. Harper said a woman at the desk told her they’d keep an eye on the gifts for the few moments she was gone.

But a cleaner moved her things without anyone noticing and a thief nabbed all of her bags.

“I had spent all my money, and I only had the clothes I was wearing and my purse,” said Harper. “That’s all I have left.”

The Victoria Inn caught the whole thing on security camera. Harper has now reported the incident to police, who said they’ll have to wait until the hotel’s manager is back before they can copy the footage and get started trying to find the thief.

“It’s very upsetting,” said Harper tearfully. “I would never do that to anybody.”