Health Canada has issued a warning about an unauthorized natural health product claiming to treat cancer.

The agency said Novodalin B17 pills could release cyanide.

Anyone who bought the product should contact their doctor for a follow up.

The treatment purportedly contains apricot kernel extract, which may contain amygdalin; an ingredient Health Canada said has the potential to release cyanide when ingested by humans.

The concentration of amygdalin in Novodalin B17 is unknown, but ingesting low to moderate amounts of cyanide can be dangerous while high doses may be lethal.

The agency has asked the online seller of the pills to stop sales and warns it will take further action.

No drug products containing B17 or amygdalin have been approved by Health Canada.

Health products approved by the agency have an eight-digit DIN, a DIN-HM or a NPN.