Hundreds of people in Southwest Manitoba took part in a yellow vest vehicle convoy Saturday.

Travelling from Virden to Brandon, the group protested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a range of issues connected to the oil sector and taxation.

Many spoke about the economic situation in Western Canada.

They said they want more money in their pockets instead of being taxed and more support for pipelines and jobs in the oil industry.

Organizers said the line of vehicles was almost 10 kilometers long.

Rick Walker has worked in the oil business on and off for 30 years and helped organize the event.

But he said it's not just the energy sector struggling and believes there are many people who can't afford any more taxes.

Walker said he had a friend count the vehicles in the convoy which came to a total of 198 cars, trucks and semis.

"Awesome good turnout. More than we ever expected," said Walker who was also one of the main organizers of the event.

The yellow vest movement started in France and grew in 2018, with protesters clashing with police at times about rising fuel prices and the cost of living.

The people leading the convoy Saturday in Manitoba said their movement is different.

"They are rallying on a lot of socialistic programs, I think the yellow vest movement here is about the average tax paying citizen saying that's it, that's enough," said organizer Damen MacGillivray

Along the route there were also supporters for the convoy, some feeling empowered to protest for their first time.

"We have a voice and we're using it," exclaimed protester Joyce Muckler.