A man who narrowly survived a crash east of Winnipeg is calling for changes at an intersection.

A month ago the Oakbank, Man., resident said he was hit after someone blew a stop sign at the corner of Provincial Road 206 and Garven Road.

Dan Wischnewski was trapped in his vehicle for more than an hour after the crash. Emergency crews managed to free him but he has a long recovery ahead and doesn’t want anyone else to become a victim at the same spot.

“After this accident happened I almost died. I mean it was really close,” Wischnewski said.

At the time of the crash on May 8 2019, RCMP said they considered speed to be a factor.

Wischnewski said he had the right of way and wants safety measures installed at the corner.

“So are they waiting until someone gets killed?,” he said.

“I had my knee broken, my leg broken, my right hip broken, my left hip broken, my ribs were broken, shoulder broken in multiple places,” he added. 

After the crash, he said he also had a punctured lung and some bleeding in and around his brain.


The close call is not lost on Rural Municipality of Springfield Mayor Tiffany Fell who said the R.M. sees quite a few crashes at the intersection on a yearly basis.

Fell said the R.M. made an application to the province for the speed limit to be lowered.

It also wants flashing signs to help warn drivers and a roundabout at the intersection as a long-term solution.

“There tends to be a little of speeding that goes on, so in terms of a roundabout or a traffic circle, you have to slow down to use it. Lights there is always the possibility of going through a red or burning a yellow,” Fell said.

RCMP said two people in the other vehicle involved in the crash suffered minor injuries.

Despite his setbacks Wischnewski feels positive about his recovery and in the months ahead will learn to walk again. 


In a statement to CTV News, the province said the government understands the community has concerns about safety. 

“Staff recently met with the Rural Municipality of Springfield about possible future intersection upgrades to improve road safety at Garven Road and PR 206.

“While no upgrades have been scheduled at this time, the province is currently reviewing the safety operations of the intersection including reviewing speed limits.”