This story contains graphic details some may find disturbing

A quiet street in Windsor Park has been rattled by a violent break and enter.

"He doesn't exaggerate things, so I knew it was serious," said Susan MacDonald. "We didn't sleep well last night, it's pretty scary," said Camille Jung-Hartnell.

Around 6 p.m. Monday, Camille Jung-Hartnell and her dad noticed strangers in their neighbour's driveway across the street.

"From our window we just saw two people coming from this direction walking up that driveway," said Jung-Hartnell.

They went and got their next-door neighbour, 68-year-old Ron Graham. The three went to investigate.

Graham's wife Susan watched from her step as they walked toward the garage at the end of the other driveway. Moments later — chaos.

"Ron was coming down the driveway holding his hand up blood dripping, telling me call the police call and ambulance I need them here now," said MacDonald of Graham, who was on blood thinners for another medical condition.

Graham said he was surprised by one of two suspects, rifling through vehicles in the garage. From his hospital bed at Health Sciences Centre, Graham tells CTV News he thought the suspect was swinging a punch at him but it turned out to be a blade that slashed his arm.

"I put my arm up, you know to protect yourself, and then I just got this hot streak," said Graham.

It was at that point Graham realized the severity of his injury.

"I knew that I was in trouble, I looked down and I could see the muscles," said Graham. Homeowner Dan Blake emerged from his basement to see two people running away and his neighbour bleeding in his driveway.

"It was shooting out, when I saw it was shooting out," said Dan Blake Jung-Hartnell, a nursing student who sprang into action, pressing towels on the wound as Graham sat on a chair in the driveway.

"It seemed very deep to me. I think he bled through every single towel that I had brought," said Jung-Hartnell.

Winnipeg police officers arrived and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding before an ambulance arrived.

In the wake of this incident police are reminding people not to confront suspicious people. Constable Tammy Skrabek says call 911 instead.

"If they're breaking in it's very likely they have tools and they have weapons with them, that's something people should keep in the back of their mind," said Skrabek.

No arrests have been made.