Winnipeg is well known as a hotbed of talent. We've produced world renowned directors, musicians and animators.

Tuesday the City of Winnipeg unveiled some new tools to support the next generation of talent: an "idea mill" is now open at the Millennium Library.

"All you need is your imagination and your library card," said librarian Barbara Bourrier-Lacroix. "And we can't wait to see what you’re going to be creating."

Located at the Millennium Library in a newly renovated area on the third floor, the city has created a one-stop shop to support all kinds of creative visions.

"It's a space where people can come, they can borrow equipment, they can borrow tools," said Bourrier-Lacroix.

High tech tools such as 3D printers, sound booths for audio recording, and a media studio with PC computers loaded with graphics and design programs.

You'll also find a craft room with sewing machines, and space for creative arts. Library patron Glenn Seburn thinks it's a great the city built the Idea Mill.

"Lots of people have great ideas," said Seburn. "But not everyone has the ability, the materials to do it. So it's going to be pretty cool"

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman agrees, saying the cost of equipment shouldn't cost someone the chance to pursue an idea.

"Making this available free of charge to Winnipeggers is an important community amenity."

While everything is free to use, the Idea Mill itself wasn't free. The city spent $500,000 on the project. It’s an investment officials hope will help Winnipeggers young and old take their ideas to the next level.