The Idle No More movement drew people to another event in Winnipeg this week, raising opposition to plans by the federal government.

Some the people who rallied Wednesday at Portage Avenue at St. Charles Street said Bill C-45 would give the federal government the power to decide land ownership and water navigation rights, without the need to consult First Nations.

“This happens when Bill C-45 passes and it feels like we’re getting pushed over,” said Sam Flett, who came out for the Idle No More event Jan. 2.

While a rally at Portage and Main Monday drew hundreds, the rally Wednesday brought out about two dozen.

“I’m not disappointed or anything. I think we have a good turnout. People are here, making their presence felt,” said James Queskekapow, another rally participant.

Police temporarily blocked Portage Avenue in both directions in the area. The road was re-opened around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Some drivers who spoke to CTV Winnipeg on Wednesday said they were frustrated with the inconvenience, while others said they support the cause.

Political commentator Chris Adams said the Idle No More movement ultimately has a wide focus.

“It’s not just Bill C-45. It’s also a broader issue of being First Nations in a treaty relationship with the government and the Crown, and wanting to make sure that people respect treaty relations,” said Adams. “Even if they won their victory on Bill C-45, I think this would continue on to much broader issues – safe housing, safe water.”

Adams said he thinks the movement is part of a larger process.

“I don't see this as a political movement that has an end in the near future. I see this as part of an ongoing process,” he said.

People at the rally said they’ll continue until Ottawa takes notice.

Bill C-45 has yet to be approved by the Governor General and will have to go through several more readings before that happens, said Adams.