WINNIPEG -- When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, a growing list of events and performances were cancelled to prevent the spread of the disease.

With the current round of restrictions in place, that meant some groups had to get creative with how they performed.

One of those groups is Konektis, which is a Brandon-based choral group. They usually perform live but that isn't possible, so they found a new way to bring their music to the people.

Michelle Chyzyk is the artistic director of Konektis said the group decided to make a music video.

"As we approached fall and we knew that our season was not to be the same, we had to use a little bit of ingenuity," said Chyzyk.

She said the idea came to the mind of the group because of the pandemic so they could still experience some performing.

The group recorded a rendition of 'Walk Out on the Water' by Royal Canoe.

Chyzyk said a lot of work went into making the video successful.

"Singing masked and socially distanced is not as enjoyable as what the art is typically. But we also wanted to show the determination to do something different."

The group had to be six feet apart while rehearsing and it was all done outside, with the choreography being learned in a grocery store parking lot.

Rob Lovatt, who is a videographer with Keywest Photo and helped shoot the video, said it was challenging at times to make everything work.

"Keeping distancing and trying to give good direction to people while being spread out with that many people and having to be very carefully planning your shoot so you know where you are going to be and when," said Lovatt.

Lovatt credits the group for being very easy to work with and it allowed him to have success with the project.

Chyzyk said a second video will be coming out on Dec. 1 for everyone to enjoy.