WINNIPEG -- A Manitoba distillery's hand sanitizer product is being recalled by Health Canada.

Health Canada announced on Friday that it is recalling the hand sanitizers from 204 Spirits Inc., a Manitoba-based vodka distillery.

According to the recall notice, the product – 204 Hand Sanitizer – is not authorized for sale in Canada, and is not authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol. It also said some of the products that contain it are missing risk statements.

Health Canada allowed the temporary use of technical-grade ethanol in hand sanitizers in April due to a shortage in pharmaceutical and food-grade ethanol.

It said manufacturers who want to use technical grade ethanol have to choose from a list of suppliers authorized by Health Canada and receive a 'No Objection Letter' from Health Canada before they can start making and distributing the product.

Health Canada said it is advising Canadians to stop using the product and consult a health care professional if you have used the product and have health concerns.

204 Spirits shifted operations during the COVID-19 pandemic to start producing hand sanitizer instead of vodka and gin.

CTV News has reached out to 204 Spirits Inc. for comment.