WINNIPEG -- The province is implementing all 17 recommendations in a report about the COVID-19 outbreak at Maples Long-Term Care Home.

The report was made in early February after COVID-19 ravaged Maples Long-Term Care Home, killing 56 residents during a three-month-long outbreak.

The report found that, while the care home did have a pandemic plan in place, it wasn't prepared for a reduction in staff as employees had to self-isolate.

According to Health and Senior Care Minister Heather Stefanson, a special team has been crafted and will create a plan to implement the changes within 30 days.

The province's 24-person team, helmed by the ex-CEO of Shared Health, has divided the recommendations into short, medium and long-term goals.

"So that to me is really the essence of this work, the resident’s care and quality of life has got to be, I think, the primary focus," said Stefanson.

Stefanson said the team is most focused on completing the short-term goals like establishing a standard pandemic plan to ensure resources and support can be deployed expeditiously to care home sites.

Along with ensuring quality care, Stefanson said the public's trust needs to be rebuilt.

"We know we need to improve communication with families," said Stefanson. "They want and deserve to know what's going with their loved ones in the facility, so I think that is a key area."

To aid in transparency, the province said it will be releasing an update every 90 days on where it's at with implementing the recommendations.

"It's so important for seniors that we do what is in their best interest; these are their homes," said Stefanson.

When asked, Stefanson did give an estimate on how much implementing the recommendations will cost the province. She said that cost will be approved when identified.

"I've been very clear that we are going to do what it takes to implement these recommendations," Stefanson said.