While Winnipeg is a cold weather city, some years are warmer than others.

This year, it looks as if the city could be in for a mild winter due to the effects of El Nino.

But this isn't great news for all Manitobans.

Many remote northern communities depend on winter roads, which are impacted negatively when temperatures are warm.

One Manitoba inventor, however, has a plan to fix the issue of northern transportation year-round.

Bob Diemert is working on a prototype vehicle that is like a souped up hovercraft.

He calls it a WIG, which stands for wing in ground effect; the phenomena pilots experience when they're flying close to a surface.

"The lift goes up by 50 per cent and the drag goes down by 70 per cent," said Diemert from an aircraft hangar in Carman, Man.

He said the vehicle could be used year-round to quickly and cheaply transport products over water or even ice.

"It's going to revolutionize the north,” said Diemert. “Just the food situation alone, and the transportation of people from those reserves and villages up on the lakes."

Diemert hopes to have his prototype all put together by the spring. After that, he hopes bigger and better models will follow.