The small community of Argyle is hosting a big Hollywood production this week, with filmmakers shooting the movie, "The Parts you Lose."

The film stars Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and newcomer Danny Murphy in a critical role.

"He finds a body of a wounded man," said producer Tom Williams. "And he helps this man into safety."

And he does it all without saying a word out loud.

Danny Murphy, and his character Wesley, are deaf and communicate through sign language.

To help bring that world to life, producers turned to the Manitoba School for the Deaf for assistance, both behind and in front of the camera.

"They're in the movie, we have several of the teachers who play teachers, and the principal," said Williams. "We have a lot of the students, and they're signing."

Students like 10-year-old Andre. He's a newcomer to the world of acting, but says being on film isn't scary, "I'm not nervous."

That's likely no surprise to Joanna Hawkins. She is working on the film as an American Sign Language consultant.

The Manitoban says working on this film has been an incredible experience. "I feel it's very inclusive, which has been wonderful. They provide interpreters, provide different services, some of the crew is learning sign language."

Filming on the movie is expected to wrap at the end of the month, and producers hope to have a finished cut of the film ready for viewing by 2019.