A Manitoba man is off the hook for a hefty bill after he was air-lifted to a hospital in the U.S. after suffering a heart attack last October.

Robin Milne, who lives near the Canada-U.S. border, was taken to a hospital in Roseau, Minn., where treatment is covered for Manitoba residents under an agreement with the Province of Manitoba.

When doctors determined that Milne needed an emergency heart stent, they waited 90 minutes for an air transfer to Winnipeg before flying him to another hospital in Grand Forks, N.D. not covered under the agreement.

Milne received a bill for $118,000, including $35,900 for the flight.

The province eventually reached an agreement to cover the hospital portion of the bill. On Thursday, Milne told CTV News he received word that the cost of the flight has also been covered.

Milne said he’s relieved that his ordeal is finally over and he can continue with his daily life. He said he’s feeling good and working every day.