WINNIPEG -- Despite the fact that most of Manitoba post-secondary students will be learning remotely come the fall semester, it doesn’t mean they should expect their fees to be lower.

Though most students will not be on-campus at the University of Manitoba, they will still be charged lab, sport and recreation fees.

This is on top of a tuition hike, in which students will pay about 3.75 per cent more this school year compared to the last.

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) said its executives are in talks with the university to understand where the fees are going.

“We’re skeptical about things like that,” said Jelynn Dela Cruz, president of the UMSU.

“For example with the tech fee or the library fee initially. But after a little bit more digging, we did learn that a lot of the funding that is being channeled through these fees being charged is going towards staffing, and converting and moving archives online for student access and even now, more than ever, with the tech fee, students are going to need support online.”

The union noted it is working with other student associations in the province, including the University of Winnipeg, Red River College and Assiniboine Community College.