WINNIPEG -- Manitoba handed out nearly $50,000 in fines to people for defying public health orders, including breaking quarantine rules and holding private gatherings.

In the province’s latest enforcement update from Feb. 1 to 7, it says enforcement officers issued 99 warnings and 39 tickets during this week.

These 39 tickets include:

  • Thirty-one tickets for $1,296 to individuals for various offences;
  • Six tickets for $298 to people not wearing masks in public places;
  • One ticket for $5,000 to a business; and
  • One ticket for $1,750 to someone for defying the Federal Quarantine Act.

Of the business tickets given out, Be. You. Tiful. Inc., located on Portage Avenue, was given the $5,000 fine, and Spades Nightclub, also on Portage Avenue, was fined $1,296.

The province noted that out of the 31 $1,296 tickets given to individuals for breaking public health restrictions, 25 of them were due to private gatherings, either indoors or outdoors. 

Under the current health restrictions, Manitobans are permitted to designate two people to visit inside their home. The health orders also allow outdoor gatherings of up to five people.

Compared to the week before, Manitoba did see a drop in the number of personal charges handed out. 

From Jan. 25 to 31, enforcement officers issued 42 $1,296 tickets, which is 11 more than from Feb. 1 to 7. They also handed out 14 $298 tickets, which is eight more than this week.

However, during the final week of January, no businesses were fined and no one was ticketed for breaking the Federal Quarantine Act. 

Since April, Manitoba enforcement officers have given out 2,857 warnings and 938 tickets, resulting in $1,311,150 in fines.