Mayor Brian Bowman and his inner circle have endorsed a bylaw to regulate taxis and Uber.

Following a day of hearing an earful of objections from the taxi industry, Bowman and his Executive Policy Committee voted for the new rules unanimously.

But the bylaw could still change as some councillors on the committee say they have a lot of information to digest between now and next week's council meeting, where the bylaw is up for final approval.

Cab owners say the framework forces taxi owners to pay higher fees while dealing with safety costs such as cameras and shields that ride sharing vehicles don't require.

Committee member councillor Brian Mayes suggested shields may need to be universal for all vehicles for hire, including Uber and Lyft.

Uber and Lyft representatives say the no-cash pre payment app system they use creates a safe environment for their riders and drivers.

The province off loaded the taxi and ride sharing industries to the city with a stipulation oversight and operations be in place by the end of February.