WINNIPEG -- A new $2.5 million project in the city is now open and ready to use.

The city officially opened a new underpass to help keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

It is located between St. Anne's Road and Archibald Street right below Fermor Avenue and it connects the Niakwa Trail to Des Meurons Street, separating vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Brian Mayes, councillor for St. Vital, says this opens up a lot of options for Winnipeggers.

"We were a bit lucky to have that footbridge just behind the tunnel, so that really does open this up to Southdale, Royalwood. You get up through there and then come shooting down now all the way Des Meurons, all the way almost to downtown," said Mayes.

The tunnel also has lighting to increase visibility and safety during both the day and night.

Mayes said he has already seen a lot of people out using the area and expects it to be a well-used spot, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding for the project is part of the Regional Street Renewal Program.