A chance meeting on a Winnipeg transit bus led to a wedding proposal – in the very same place.

Winnipegger Alex Johnson boarded the bus Wednesday night on Rothesay Street, but it wasn’t to head off to work like most transit users.

"Three days ago, that’s when I actually put the whole entire thing together and it just came about the way it was supposed to come about," said Johnson.

He had music, rose petals and a ring.

On the way downtown, the bus stopped to pick up Yuly Martinez, who he had first met on the bus.

“I saw the rose petals on the floor everywhere and I walked towards him and I was like, ‘no way’,” said Martinez.

But when it came time to answer the big question, Martinez said 'yes.'

“I kind of grew up not really believing love at first sight or fate and stuff like that, but the more I realized that there’s something working in my life that meant for me to meet Yuly,” said Johnson. “It was nothing but fate.”

Johnson said the guys he works with are now joking about the high bar the bus proposal has set for Winnipeg men in 2016.

“I just did what I knew would mean something to her, so I just gave her what she deserves,” said Johnson.