A new study shows the number of doctors practising in Canada is increasing. In Manitoba, there are nearly 400 more doctors in the province when compared with five years ago.

“We know over the past five years, Manitoba has seen the highest percent increase in access to family physicians at 20 per cent,” said Theresa Oswald, the province’s health minister.

There is still, however, a shortage with about 14 per cent of Manitobans still without a family physician.

Oswald said the government is committed to providing every Manitoban with access to a family doctor, with the province funding more spots in medical schools and adding new medical centres to help keep physicians here.

Sean Teahan is one of those Manitobans still in need of a family physician.

He’s been trying to find one for months in order to get regular checkups on an injury.

“I’m out of work and they want doctor’s note after doctor’s note and I’m going from clinic to emergency (room), getting passed on from doctor to doctor,” he said.

The province said Manitobans can call the Family Doctor Connection Program for an updated list of family doctors accepting new patients. Residents can call the program at 204-786-7111 or 1-866-690-8260.