U.S. forecasters in Grand Forks are out with an early spring flood outlook.

The flood risk is up substantially over last year for some parts of North Dakota, said officials.

There is a risk of moderate to major spring flooding in the far southern Red River basin from Fargo-Moorhead down to the southern Headwaters area.

That's partly because of heavier snowpack, said officials.

But for the central and northern Red River basins, which include Grand Forks and Minot, there is a minor to moderate flood risk.

Gregory Gust, the warning coordinator meteorologist at the National Weather Centre, said the flow into southern Manitoba is a small contribution to the province's risk and will be manageable.

The early flood picture for Manitoba won’t be known until next week.

The province said recent snowfall, and future precipitation amounts along with factors such as soil moisture content and U.S. river forecasts will be part of calculations used to produce a spring flood outlook, the first of which is due out Feb. 27.

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