WINNIPEG -- Manitoba RCMP officers removed an ‘unruly’ Ontario woman from a flight on Monday evening.

Around 6:30 p.m., Mounties were told of a disturbance on a plane, which took off in Calgary and was headed for Toronto, with a scheduled stopover in Winnipeg.

When the plane landed in Winnipeg, officers went to the gate and were told a woman became “unruly” when she found out the flight was stopping in Winnipeg.

Mounties got on the plane and asked the 34-year-old woman, who is from North York, Ont., to get off. Police said she eventually agreed, but continued her “belligerent” behaviour towards officers and the flight crew.

Officers allege that as they escorted the woman away from the plane, she once again became “unruly and belligerent” and was arrested for causing a disturbance.

The woman is in police custody. She faces charges of causing a disturbance and mischief.

RCMP continues to investigate the incident.