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Planning begins for new interchange on Perimeter Highway

The Manitoba government has begun its project planning for a new interchange at the intersection of the Perimeter Highway and St. Anne’s Road.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Doyle Piwniuk made the announcement on Friday, saying the goal is to create a safer and more efficient Perimeter, which will benefit residential and commercial growth in Winnipeg and the surrounding communities.

“The city’s going to grow, and all these communities are going to grow within the city,” he said.

“Like, let’s say La Salle and Oakbank and stuff like that. We’ve got to get ready for that whole design when it comes to actually planning for the future.”

Piwniuk noted that the interchange will help transform the south Perimeter into a free-flow, access-controlled modern freeway. It will also help Manitoba grow as a transportation hub since the Perimeter is an important economic route and part of the province’s network of trade corridors.

The interchange project will use a design-build delivery model for construction, which means construction on some parts will begin before the entire project design is finished. Those who work and live in the area will also get to give feedback.

“There are businesses here. There are residents here. We want to make sure that they have a say and collaborate when it comes to the design,” he said.

Along with the new interchange, the project to improve the Perimeter includes:

  • Reconstructing pavement along a 4.4-kilometre stretch of the highway;
  • Building a railway overpass at the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing the Perimeter Highway;
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing under the Perimeter along the Seine River; and
  • Acquiring land and relocating utilities.

More details on the South Perimeter Highway projects can be found online. Top Stories

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