WINNIPEG -- Health Minister Cameron Friesen is calling on Manitobans to help stock up the province’s supply of personal protective equipment to help fight COVID-19.

Friesen announced a new website Wednesday afternoon, where businesses can register to help provide materials and services.

“To help us further our efforts, our government is reaching out to businesses and their employees for products and supplies and those willing to manufacture items from scratch to assist in our efforts in this fight against COVID-19,” Friesen said in a news release.

"We recognize that dealing with this pandemic will be a marathon, not a sprint. Support from Manitoba businesses with additional materials will ensure front-line staff have the equipment they need to protect themselves while continuing to provide exemplary care to patients throughout the province.”

Some of the items the province is looking for are below.

Products businesses can supply include:

• N95 respirators,

• surgical/procedure masks,

• nitrile gloves,

• vinyl gloves,

• nasopharyngeal swabs,

• specific types of reagent to be used in labs,

• gowns,

• hand sanitizer,

• cleaning supplies, and

• disinfecting supplies.

Friesen adds they’re also looking for Manitobans who are willing to step up and assist the province in different ways.

Services include:

• guard/security services,

• nursing services,

• food services,

• laundry services,

• accommodation maintenance services,

• personal services,

• IT support services,

• pet care services,

• transportation services, and

• consulting services.

Businesses can reach out online.

Friesen said the province is not out of supplies, noting more supplies have started flowing into Manitoba.

He said 27 new ventilators have arrived in the province, and 16 ventilators are on their way. 

Friesen adds the province also brought in a nucleic acid extractor to assist with testing in the laboratory, as well as UV disinfection units to quickly clean spaces in health care spaces.