WINNIPEG -- A motion to ban single use plastic bottles, plastic straws, and plastic stir sticks has been proposed by City Councillor Markus Chambers.

Single use plastics will be replaced with non-plastic compostable alternatives and ecofriendly straws.

“In a restaurant, I don’t need a straw," said Chambers.“Changing the public behavior around straws. It may seem minute, but it does add up.”

The city said this move is part of Winnipeg’s Climate Action Plan. 

The plans aims to meet long term climate goals by implementing a series of small actions, like banning single use plastic. 

Earlier this year, the Canadian government introduced a ban on harmful single use plastics set to take place in 2021.

The Province of Manitoba is having consultations with the private sector, looking at ways to eliminate the use of plastic bags.

“I thought the city should take the lead as well," said Chambers. 

Green Action Centre is an organization in Winnipeg that promotes green commuting, composting, and waste reduction.

Tracy Hucul, executiv Director of Green Action Centre, said she is pleased with the City’s initiative.

“It’s something that we’re looking for leadership on,” said Hucul. “It’s great to see the city leading by example.”

Hucul said she would like to see even more done to prevent plastic waste in the city. She believes all materials that can’t be recycled, and materials destined to end up in the landfill, should be banned.

“Plastic reduction isn’t going to save the world from climate change,” said Hucul. “But it’s definitely something that people can wrap their heads around. Something they can take ownership of right now.”

The city plans to work with festivals and event organizers in Winnipeg to help move them away from single use plastics, and towards ecofriendly alternatives.