The Manitoba Government is giving the thumbs up to beach-goers to be able to enter the water in three Gimli-area beaches after concerns from a sewage spill.

Gimli Beach, Willow Island Beach, Loni and South Beach are now all clear and the province is going to monitor the water.


People are being advised to stay out of the water at three beaches in the Gimli area after a construction incident led to a sewage spill.

An advisory from the province said it’s possible that untreated waste water that flowed into the town’s storm drains may have ended up in the Gimli Beach area. Advisories are also posted at Loni and South Beaches.

The construction incident that damaged Gimli’s waste-water collection system happened Tuesday, the province said, and beach water samples were taken Wednesday to check for surface water contamination.

Until the results expected for late Thursday are back, swimmers are being told to stay out of the water.

People are advised to get medical care if they experience symptoms of waterborne illness, like nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

The province said the other beaches in Lake Winnipeg’s south basin are unaffected.

This weekend is traditionally a busy one for the lakeside town, with the annual Gimli Film Festival underway as of Wednesday.