Sentencing is scheduled for a former Manitoba Fire Commissioner who pleaded guilty to breach of trust and forgery in November 2015.

Christopher Jones was in a Winnipeg court Thursday.

It's alleged Jones misused up to $50,000 of provincial money, taken in 21 separate accountable advances between 2009 and 2011.

Court heard on Thursday that part of the money was used to pay off his personal overdraft.

The Crown argued Jones and three subordinates entered false expense claims to clear the advances from the government system.

The three subordinates did not get money for their participation and all were fired from their jobs. None faced criminal charges.

Court heard Jones was going through a “messy separation” from his former wife at the time.

The defence said Jones had also been diagnosed with cancer when the misuse of funds came to light, at a time when the province and fire commissioner were also dealing with the damaging 2011 flood.

Jones read a statement in court saying he was guilty of the charges and had a “profound sense of remorse.”

He told the judge he was “not a risk to reoffend,” and said he was “truly sorry for (his) actions.”

Jones said the case has “caused significant public humiliation” to him and his family.

The Crown is asking for 15 months in jail, while the defence wants a conditional sentence with no jail time.

A decision is set for Monday morning.