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CTV News Winnipeg Skywatch Weather Blog - Thursday, October 17, 2019

We are in for a warm and windy night in southern Manitoba. Mild Pacific air has moved into the province and will bring us warm, double-digit temperatures on Friday afternoon right through the weekend.

Southwestern Manitoba, be prepared for fog to develop again overnight which could reduce visbility on roads and highways in the region through the Friday morning commute.

Sky conditions look nice this weekend for Winnipeg, too. A sharp contrast to the storm that hammered the south for three days well into last weekend.

Further on the horizon, there is the possibility another Colorado low could affect southern Manitoba on Monday. There are still many 'ifs' with this system. The models don't much agree with each other. But at this point, it looks like the main precipitation type will be rain, most likely to affect the southeast corner. We will keep a close eye on this over the next few days!



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