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CTV News Winnipeg Skywatch Weather Blog - Friday, October 18, 2019

Here we are already heading into another weekend in Manitoba on Friday. Overall, a cloudy afternoon across most of the province. But mild Pacific air is bringing above seasonal, double-digit high temperatures today across the south. Some areas with a lot of snow on the ground won't be quite as warm. Some of that energy will go the snow melt.

A low pressure trough could spread a few showers over the south late this afternoon or early this evening. Much more rain, 10-20 mm, is expected late tonight across the northeast.

After the storm late last week, this weekend will be much nicer in the south. In Winnipeg, expect double-digit dayitme highs with some much welcomed sunshine.

The next Colorado Low will spread rain across southeastern Manitoba, including Winnipeg, on Election Day on Monday. (Not all Colorado Lows mean snow!). As much as 25 mm of rain could fall by Tuesday morning. While this will not be another snowstorm, more rain in the southeast where land is already saturated is not welcome news.



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