WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg police officers engaged in a high-speed chase on Sunday evening after a five-tonne box truck was stolen from a business.

Police said they responded to a commercial break and enter around 4:30 p.m., in which the box truck was taken.

Officers chased after the stolen truck and tried to use a stop stick to deflate the vehicle’s tires, but abandoned this plan as the truck was being driven erratically.

One witness told CTV News he saw police cars driving towards Bishop Grandin from Fermor Avenue, as well as a box truck heading north on Lagimodiere.

“It was a hot pursuit, there was about five or six police cruisers chasing the box truck at a high-rate of speed, around 90 kilometres an hour I’d say, and it plowed through a bunch of barricades,” the witness said.

Const. Rob Carver, of the Winnipeg Police Service, said when the truck was stolen it was a violent incident.

"Initial information coming in was that the truck was being stolen, it actually hit one of the people who was in charge of the truck. So fairly aggressive theft. It wasn't just 'hey, my truck is leaving'," said Carver.

Police said the truck was stolen from a business in Transcona. 

Police added the truck was later found abandoned, but did not provide details on where the truck was found.

Police are currently investigating the incident.