An employee at the Superstore on Sargent Avenue was injured and the building evacuated after a fire broke out inside the store shortly before 10:00 a.m. on Friday.

The employee suffered burns to his hands when he attempted to put out the fire, which started in the toy section, fire officials said. The employee was taken to hospital for treatment.

The fire was relatively small and quickly put out, but the building filled with smoke. Firefighters were attempting to ventilate the building Friday morning.

“That’s our big concern right now, is getting the smoke out,” said Deputy Chief Paul Guyader.

“We’ve notified the health inspectors, because of course the store has food in there. That’s always a concern when smoke’s involved. So, the health department will attend this incident and determine what they have to do to reopen the store.”

There is no word yet on what started the fire.

Officials said they hope to re-open the store on Saturday, Aug. 24.