WINNIPEG -- The man arrested after a destructive rampage in a stolen fire truck through downtown Winnipeg had been released on a promise to appear in court in connection with a domestic incident in October, court documents show.

Bai Farama Koroma was arrested on Nov. 29 after a fire truck was stolen, which led police on a high-speed chase through Downtown Winnipeg, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Winnipeg Police Service Const. Rob Carver said at one point during the incident the suspect commented, “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

At the time of Koroma’s arrest, the 36-year-old man was already facing charges of domestic assault causing bodily harm, according to court documents obtained by CTV News Winnipeg.

Koroma was arrested on Oct. 26 for the charges, but was released on a promise to appear in court. His bail hearing for these charges was scheduled for Dec. 10.

Koroma is now also facing a long list of charges related to the stolen fire truck, including theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a weapon, and impaired driving by either drugs or alcohol.

Koroma has since been detained in custody following his arrest on Nov. 29.