WINNIPEG -- The Kidney Foundation has been able to deliver more than 6,000 masks to those on dialysis and affected by kidney disease, through the launch of its program, Project: Masks.

Val Dunphy, who is the executive director of the Manitoba chapter of the foundation, said the organization got some help from Hutterite colonies in southern Manitoba.

She said the organization only needed 1,500 masks, and the Hutterite colonies went above and beyond that.

"What these ladies did at the various colonies is dropped every other project and started sewing masks for people affected by kidney disease in Manitoba," said Dunphy. "I think that just states the heart of Manitobans like nothing else."

Dunphy said the help didn't stop there.

The organization also received an additional 2,000 medical masks from MacMor Industries to give to healthcare workers who are working in dialysis units to ensure the kidney community as a whole is protected.

She added that she is thankful to all those who helped with this project and said it was completed in record time.

"I think the Manitobans are just the best in every regard. You talk about giving your time and efforts."

She said those with kidney disease are a higher risk of getting COVID-19, and masks are crucial in helping prevent the virus.

Dunphy said the medical masks are still being delivered to the healthcare workers, but the majority of the Hutterite masks have already been delivered to those in need.

If those kidney patients need more masks, Dunphy added that they can call the Kidney Foundation and the organization will provide them with more, free of charge.