WINNIPEG -- The City of Winnipeg is offering tips on what to recycle and what not to recycle this holiday season to keep items out of landfills.

According to the city, residents can put the following items into their recycling bins

  • Empty cardboard gift boxes;
  • Paper greeting cards that don’t have foam, glitter, or non-paper items attached;
  • Rigid plastic packaging. Any cardboard inserts should be removed and recycled; and
  • Empty food and beverage containers.

However, the following items should not be recycled:

  • Ribbon and wrapping paper;
  • Foam packaging or Styrofoam;
  • Gift bags;
  • Plastic bags,
  • Christmas lights and light strands;
  • Toys; and
  • Disposable cutlery and dishes.

Any extra recycling can be taken for free to any 4R Winnipeg Depot or community recycling location. For a fee, Winnipeggers can take their extra garbage to the 4R Winnipeg Depot at 1777 Brady Rd., or they can contact 311 to arrange a special garbage pickup.

Old electronics, such as computers, audio/visual equipment, microwaves, and old batteries, can also be taken to any 4R Winnipeg depot for free.

The city noted that on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day there won’t be any garbage or recycling collection. Those whose collection days normally falls on Friday should put their carts out on Saturday during these weeks,


To recycle a real Christmas tree for free, Winnipeggers can take them to a Let’s Chip In depot, which will be open from Dec. 27 to Jan. 31. Any trees placed at the curb or the lane next to the recycle or garbage won’t be collected.

Before being left at a depot, plastic tree bags, tinsel, lights, decorations, and tree stands must be removed from a Christmas tree. Residents should take plastic tree bags and other garbage back home.

While at the Let’s Chip In depots, residents can help themselves to free wood chips, which will be available in early January.

Real Christmas trees can also be recycled year-round at any 4R Winnipeg Depot, though there won’t be any wood chips.

A full list of Let’s Chip in Depots can be found online.