WINNIPEG -- Today marks exactly one year since Manitoba reported its first-ever presumptive positive case of COVID-19.

Since then Manitobans have adopted a new way of living that involves physical distancing, frequent hand sanitization and wearing masks in indoor public spaces.

They’ve also developed a new vocabulary to help them understand the situation, deal with disruption, and even to have fun with the new normal. Some of the most common terms that have evolved throughout the pandemic include self-isolation, flattening the curve and second wave. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also had devastating effects for many Manitobans.

Since March 12, 2020, there have been 32,509 cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba, as well as 911 deaths.

Businesses were forced to close their doors due to the strain of public health restrictions and dozens of long-term care facilities experienced deadly COVID-19 outbreaks.

Now, one year later, there is hope on the horizon with the approval of several COVID-19 vaccines. 

As of March 10, the province reported 94,785 doses of the vaccine had been administered, including 63,993 first doses and 30,792 second doses.

Under a low-supply scenario, Manitoba estimates it will have immunized all residents who want the vaccine by mid-June. The high-supply scenario estimates Manitobans will have the opportunity to be vaccinated by mid-May.

- With files from CTV’s Charles Lefebvre and Danton Unger.