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Two nurses resign from struggling HSC program

A program at Health Sciences Centre that provides care and support for sexual assault survivors has been dealt another staffing blow.

The Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) said two recently hired nurses have resigned from the Sexual Assault Nursing Examiner (SANE) program – a program that has been dealing with staffing shortages.

"Unfortunately, the SANE program is the perfect example of what we are seeing on a regular basis between this government and the frontline, which is a series of announcements with no follow through," said Darlene Jackson, the president of the MNU, in an emailed statement.

"Knowing that two of six of the newly hired nurses have resigned is yet another indication something is drastically wrong."

This comes after seven of 13 casual forensic nurse examiners quit in March.

In a statement to CTV News Winnipeg, a Shared Health spokesperson said two nurses left the program – one newly hired, the other a more experienced nurse – for other opportunities in the health system.

"We will note work to recruit and train staff to work in specialized areas is an ongoing operational priority in every health-care system, as there is always staff turnover for a myriad of reasons," the spokesperson said.

They noted casual nurses and nurse practitioners continue to pick up shifts for the program.

"Of the nurses in permanent positions, one is fully able to work independently, one has completed formal training and is working on a largely independent basis with some consultative supports in place."

Another two nurses are completing their training this month and will soon be doing independent work and other positions are still being recruited, the spokesperson said.

Jackson said until the underlying cause is addressed – which is treating an illness – the program will continue to struggle.

"Our hearts go out to those needing sexual assault care. It is our wish that this government would begin to standby their claims to truly improve patient care in Manitoba," said Jackson. Top Stories

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