WINNIPEG -- It’s been less than a day since the Red River Floodway was activated, and river levels are already beginning to drop.

As of noon Thursday, the James Avenue gauge was at 13.05 feet, which is down more than a foot from the evening before. On Wednesday at 4 p.m. the river level reached 14.1 feet. 

The average for this time of year at that gauge is between six and nine feet. 

The province  raised the gates  on the floodway at 7 p.m. Wednesday. The decision came after a wetter-than-normal September in Winnipeg, and an early-October snowstorm in the forecast. 

On Wednesday, Manitoba’s chief flood forecaster Fisaha Unduche said Winnipeg could see between 60 to 100 mm of precipitation, and was hopeful that would come in the form of snow. 

Unduche said peak river flows are expected between Oct. 17 and 20. Severe overland flooding is not expected. 

Provincial staff are in the impacted areas monitoring water levels and provincial infrastructure.