WINNIPEG -- More Manitobans are getting immunized. Saturday the province announced more than 10 per cent of the eligible adult population in Manitoba has received the COVID-19 vaccine.

But there have been some challenges. Winnipeg’s supersite at the RBC Convention Centre saw long wait times Friday, leading to frustration and some choosing not to wait at all.

Emily, who didn’t want to use her full name, was one of the people waiting in line Friday.

She said she called to make a vaccination appointment the moment she found out she was eligible.

“I specifically told (the phone attendant) what I do just to really double check that I was indeed able to get the vaccine now and he said, ‘Yes it is your time,’” said Emily.

Emily works in a congregate living facility, and even though she’s in her 20s, her type of work makes her eligible for vaccination.

When she arrived at the convention centre, she was shocked to see how long the line was, and many were getting frustrated.

“A woman who is more advanced in age, as she was walking to the back of the line, she passed me and she pointed at me and said, ‘you’re stealing the vaccine away from those of us who really need it.”

Emily believes the negativity was a result of the long wait.

“I think a lot of the frustration stems from the lineup, because we weren’t really expecting that.”

Another Manitoban who’s eligible for the vaccine is Craig Cormack.

He scheduled his vaccination for next Friday, but seeing the long lines has him unsure if he should attend.

“Human nature, they sort of gravitate closer (when standing in line), and my concern would be the spreading of the pandemic, which sort of contravenes what the whole purpose of that lineup is,” said Cormack.

Dr. Jazz Atwal, the acting deputy chief provincial public health officer, said the lineups at the supersite on Friday were due to a large number of appointments, and a staff scheduling software issue.

“We greatly appreciate your patience. Know that work is underway to address this issue for today and the next several days as well,” Atwal said on Friday.

Atwal said they’re reviewing staffing needs to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

He’s asking Manitobans not to show up too early for their vaccination, and that people arrive at their designated time.

Emily wants people to realize younger people can also be eligible for the vaccine.

“We’re getting it to protect the people that we work for and work with, in the community and congregate settings.”