WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg business owner says her car was vandalized with a hateful message on Wednesday night – and she says it is not the first time she or her business has been targeted.

Claire Venevongsa, the owner of Pad Thai Restaurant on Portage Avenue said she was leaving work at around 9 p.m. on Wednesday when she discovered the hateful message written across her car.

Venevongsa said she has been receiving harassing phone calls and earlier this year, her business was vandalized inside with spray paint.

"They did the first time. They did the second time. They think I will be silenced because I'm scared. I'm not," Venevongsa told CTV News.

The Pad Thai owner said she has filed a police report, and is encouraging others to stand up to messages of hate and racism.

"I want to bring awareness to people – don't do that. And then also whoever suffers unfair, and has been targeted, speak out and let them know that these things happen in our lives so close to us."

She said she and her husband have considered closing the restaurant earlier in the day so it is light out when they leave – but that may be difficult to do amid the pandemic, saying business has already been hurt, and cutting hours could cause her business to close.