WINNIPEG -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s press conferences have gotten additional online attention, thanks to a little stop motion and LEGO action.

Winnipeg dad Tyler Walsh show the Prime Minister’s address to Canada’s children.

“I thought it was a valuable message to share with kids,” Walsh told CTV Winnipeg.

At the time, Walsh was working on a separate stop-motion project when the idea just popped into his head.

“Why don’t you just take the audio from this video and marry it with some of the fun LEGO stop-motion we can do,” said Walsh.

The video took about 12 hours to piece together – including set construction. Walsh said it was fun with do something this with his children.

The video has been viewed over 267,000 times. He said the response has amazing.

“I’ve had a number of educators like teachers reach out to me to ask permission to post the video through various online platforms that they are using for learning while they’re leaning from home right now,” said Walsh.

Walsh said he’s been flooded with messages from parents who have said they showed their children the original Trudeau statement, but weren’t sure if they entirely understood the message.

He said he’s not sure how many more videos he will make, but he hopes more video using this medium will arise to help youth understand the world of politics.

“I think that by how much this has been viewed and shared, it’s sort of shown that this medium is valuable to get that message across to kids about topics like what we are going through right now,” said Walsh.