WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg's mayor Brian Bowman says he expects the state of emergency in Winnipeg to end soon.

Bowman made the announcement on Tuesday at City Hall, saying the local state of emergency is set to expire on May 3. Bowman said he does not expect it to be extended.

The Winnipeg City Council voted to declare a state of local emergency during a special meeting of council on April 3.

"The measures taken under the state of local emergency have not been required," Bowman said.

He said when the state of local emergency was declared, city council did not have the ability to meet remotely, but have since been able to.

"I have not seen a call for or reason for the state of local emergency to continue, so I expect it will be left to expire on May 3," Bowman said.

While the city’s state of emergency would expire on May 3, it is separate from the state of emergency in place throughout Manitoba, which is currently set to expire on May 18.

The state of emergency requires all travellers coming into Manitoba to self-isolate for 14 days, and restricts non-essential travel to communities above the 53rd parallel.

Public health orders are currently in effect until May 1, which limits the size of gatherings in Manitoba to 10 or fewer, and has prompted non-essential businesses to close.

Bowman added there has been a positive response to the community ambassadors who are out and about in Winnipeg, reminding residents of public health orders.

The mayor said over the past nine days, there were nearly 4,000 positive interactions with the community service ambassadors. He said there have been 240 verbal warnings handed out to remind people about physical distancing and group gatherings.

"I've heard of a few instances where (community service ambassadors) have encountered residents who were less than friendly in return, however," Bowman said, adding that the community service ambassadors and bylaw enforcement officers are working hard to reinforce public health messages.

"I would like to encourage all Winnipeggers who encounter our community service ambassadors and our enforcement officers to please be polite, to be courteous and cooperative."

He said there have been no penalties handed out so far.