Balmoral Hall School prides itself on its academic excellence. And that includes more than just the three R's.

Tuesday the school hosted a student led equity conference.

"It's an amazing day for celebration, for learning, for listening," said student Jessica Sui.

The conference is a collaboration between the school and Indigenous elders and youth. Students learned about residential schools, the Indian Act and Indigenous contributions to Canada, both historical and in present day.

"I believe that we need to equip them with this information," said speaker Debra Beach Ducharme, "So when they do go forward, they're going to lead in a way that we haven't seen before."

Balmoral Hall school signed on to the Winnipeg Indigenous Accord, and school officials say it's working hard to support education for reconciliation.

That doesn't mean changing the way it teaches math, science or geography. Instead, it means adding events like this making Indigenous teaching and history an active part of the curriculum.

"It's just something we need to do on a daily basis," said Lois McGill. "Everyday throughout everything."

Jessica Sui says she doesn't expect everything to change overnight, but "if everyone has learned something from today, that they can carry on to every other day, then that will create some sort of change."