WINNIPEG -- When Manitoban's look up, they're not always seeing stars twinkling in the sky.

The province has recorded thousands of sightings of UFO's. Now research files from one of the most famous, the Falcon Lake UFO encounter, have been donated to the University of Manitoba Archives.

The case stretches back to 1967. A local man, Stephen Michalak, spotted a UFO that landed close enough for him to walk right up to it. When it suddenly took off, his clothes were set on fire.

"He was treated at Misericordia Hospital, he was examined by doctors. He went to the Mayo clinic," said UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski. "The RCMP and the RCAF said they have no explanation for what happened."

The undershirt Michalak wore that day, along with his hat, and many other artifacts have all been donated to the archives.

"I think it’s the type of thing that all Manitoban's should be able to access a little bit more," said Rutkowski.

This case is just the beginning – Chris Rutkowski is in the process of donating all of his investigative files from 40 years of UFO research. He says the University of Manitoba Archives are a great place to preserve the thousands of documents, and allow researchers and the public to access them.