The City of Winnipeg has put out a request for proposals for companies to bid on a new contract for photo traffic enforcement.

The request suggests photo radar and red-light cameras could be in place for another seven years in Winnipeg.

The city’s current contract for photo enforcement expires in November.

Todd Dube of Wise Up Winnipeg, a public advocacy group, said he wants to see changes made to the current photo enforcement system before another contract is signed.

“They target their efforts to areas that are most deficient in speed reduction signing,” said Dube.

Dube said certain photo radar hot spots like Grant Avenue and Nathaniel Street lack adequate speed limit signage.

Dube and Wise Up Winnipeg are now campaigning, hoping to mobilize citizens to call for changes to the existing photo enforcement system.

The city’s is looking for bids for 33 cameras, rotated among 50 intersections, as well as 11 photo-radar vans.

The deadline for submissions is Aug. 17.

City council will review any bids that come in and then vote on who will get the contract.

Dube said Wise Up Winnipeg will continue to campaign before that contract is signed.