When it comes to how people feel about being seated near an animal on a plane, age and gender make a big difference on their opinions.

According to a new poll out of the Angus Reid Institute, 66 per cent of women age 18 to 34 think pets should be allowed in the passenger cabin, while 61 per cent of men over the age of 55 think they shouldn’t.

These numbers see a notable shift though when the size of the animal is a factor. Only 43 per cent of younger women said they support a large animal that sits in a seat purchased by the owner, while 50 per cent of older men said they support a small pet that sits on its owner’s lap.

The survey, which sampled 1, 509 Canadian adults between March 27 and March 29, 2018 online, also found that those who are frequent flyers are generally more comfortable with the idea of having a pet on board.

When it comes to the reasons why people oppose having animals on board, allergies are the main, but 39 per cent of respondents said they believe that airlines do a good job of balancing the needs of pet owners and those with allergies.

Ultimately, over half of the respondents said they would prefer to avoid animals on flights entirely and think those who want to take their pets on vacation should go to destinations within driving distance.