Blue-green algae in the waters of eastern Lake Winnipeg are discouraging beach-goers from taking a dip – and officials with the provincial government said it might be dangerous.

The president of the Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners said the algae are putting a damper on summer fun.

"The beaches are somewhat vacant compared to what they should be given it's a long weekend in the summer," Crabb said.

Officials with the provincial government said high quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water cause the increase in algae. They are advising people from staying out of the water when floating clumps or patches of scum are visible.

It also isn't safe to drink the water or eating fish from it if you can see the algae, officials said.

Beach-goers at Balsam Harbour on Monday weren't impressed by the water.

"It's disgusting," said Alex Laramee. "I would not want to go swimming in there."

Monique Levesque-Pharoah said she took a quick dip, but was headed to the shower right away.

"We came out of the water pretty quick," she said.

- with a report from CTV's Laura Lowe