The party seat in the Southdale constituency is up for grabs.

Former NDP MLA Erin Selby, a member of the Rebel Five, is one of many notable names who've served in the riding.

The constituency was in the spotlight earlier this campaign, when Liberal candidate Jamie Hall was forced to resign for using derogatory and sexist language.

All the candidates in the Southdale riding are new, leaving many people uncertain of who to vote for.

Jennifer Daman, a resident of Southdale, said it would be beneficial to get to know the candidates and who they are.

"When you look at who we have to vote for - do we go with experience or do we go with the new guy? Do we go with who we think would do best for our area or do we go with party lines," said Daman.

Some people have made up their minds about who they will be choosing come Tuesday.

Hugh Coburn said he wasn't always a Liberal supporter, but he shares some Liberal views. With a background in education, Coburn is curious to see what the elected member will do.

"So, we'll see what happens if the NDP get back in, or the conservatives get back in, or even the Liberals get back in, what they'll do for education because they really haven't been talking a lot on education," said Coburn.

Education is on the top of the list of priorities for Liberal candidate Ryan Colyer.

He has been campaigning in his free time, bringing his kids along with him to help.

"I'm a big fan of community schools. I am not a fan of school buses going on Bishop Grandin, going on Lagimodiere. I don’t think it's safe. I also think it's very far for kids to commute. I remember growing up when you went to school in your neighbourhood," said Colyer.

Dashi Zargani sits as the candidate for the NDP incumbent party. He said his party has brought positive change to the area.

"We have the community centre in here and that's a big investment we did, and it’s considered one of the best community centres in Winnipeg. So, the people recognize what we did, so far. We have a brand new school that's coming in Sage Creek. We have child care centres coming," said Zargani.

The Conservative candidate in the area is Andrew Smith, who has dabbled in politics over the years.
He manages media relations for Tory MP Ted Falk.